2019 Mega-Conference

7 Sneaky ways your sales technology is costing you

Monday morning at the Mega-Conference


Outdated sales technology affects a media organization's bottom line, but there are valuable solutions to this pressing problem.  During the Monday morning bonus session on advertising at the Mega-Conference, Shawn DeWeese, senior sales executive with Lineup Systems, will talk about seven sneaky ways your sales technology is costing you (and how to stop the bleed).

He will share case studies that look at the real cost of siloed sales data, "quick-win" tech tips that increase ROI and time-saving tools to help teams sell effectively.

"As sales professionals," DeWeese said, "we all have the same priorities: increasing revenue and improving efficiency. But many of us miss opportunities to do that because the systems we're using are hindering instead of helping us. Identifying the ways outdated sales technology hurts the bottom line is the first step toward solving those problems and increasing performance."

DeWeese will join Ryan Dohrn of Brain Swell Media during the Monday morning bonus workshop on advertising sales.

With more than 25 years of experience in the publishing industry, DeWeese understands the business challenges and can translate problem-solving software into profitable strategies and ROI.  His leadership experience in advertising, circulation, marketing and client relations helps to provide a comprehensive approach to transforming your business. Prior to joining Lineup, DeWeese presided over the Board of Trustees for the North American Division of the International Newspaper Marketing Association (INMA).

This three-and-a-half-hour BONUS WORKSHOP for Mega-Conference attendees on Monday morning, Feb. 25, will be focused entirely on newspaper sales and managing salespeople. Your sales managers need to be there!

A separate workshop focusing on audience and subscriber management will run concurrently.

Plan your travel to arrive on Sunday, so you can benefit from these added conference sessions.

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