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PowerPoints from most conference sessions will be posted here following presentations.  These PowerPoints (in PDF format) are intended for use by conference participants.  They may not be reproduced or further distributed without the permission of the speakers and Mega-Conference organizers.

Monday, Feb. 26

Bonus Session - Grow Your Customer Engagement to Annual Commitments
Mike Centorani
Julie Foley and Liz Crider Huff

Destination 2020: How Do We Get There Stronger and Smarter?
Ken Doctor

Breakout sessions:

Branded Content
Pat Connolly
Bob Gilbreath
Ryan Stephens

Personalization and UX Strategies
Bill Densmore
Brandon Erlacher
Daniel Schaub

Top Events that Make Dollars and Sense
Chris Edwards
Scott Pompe
Stephen Wade

Solutions Stage - Alexa, OTT and Mobile Apps: Distribute and Monetize on All Digital Platforms
Nikhil Modi

Solutions Stage - Growing Revenue for Newspapers through Consumer Sports Magazines
Kevin Craig

Tuesday, Feb. 27

Investing in Newspapers in 2018
Penelope Muse Abernathy (moderator)
Mark Adams
Mark Aldam
Jeremy Halbreich
Jim Moroney

Breakout sessions:

What Motivates New Subscribers
Jeff Sonderman
Gwen Vargo

Bringing Audio to Life
Jeremy Mims
Ginger Neal

Leading with Location-Based Multi-Media Solutions
David Kennedy and James Avis
Dan Hight

Solutions Stage - What's the Opportunity for Audience?
Deborah Fellows

Solutions Stage - Yes You Can (and must) Make Money from Social Media Accounts
Reinig Morris

Solutions Stage - Digital Transformation
Laura Cole


Breakout sessions:

Defining Your Subscription Strategy
Aaron Kotarek
Brian Howell
Curtis Huber
Troy Niday

How to Recruit, Sculpt and Retain Your Sales A-Team
Charity Huff
Peter Lamb

Accelerating Investments and New Ventures
Corey Ford

Solutions Stage - How Much Revenue are You Losing Due to Ad Fraud?
Casey Hester

Solutions Stage - Leverage Audiences to Drive Revenue Diversification
Tom Ratkovich

Solutions Stage - Leveraging Cross-Device Opportunities
Brendon Brigham

Audience Engagement, Ad Quality and Subscription Offers
Chris Hendricks

Kroger's Millions in Local Ad Spend are on the Line
Michael Wilhite

Breakout sessions:

Big Data - What Drives Performance for Advertisers Across Platforms
Jeff Burkett
Richard Jones

Finding Your Niche
Amy Glennon
Adam Ryan
Caywood Yamnik

Solutions Stage - Auto Promotions and Events (a case study)
Kevin Collins and Cesar Montes

Solutions Stage - Empowering Media Companies to Take Back Their Brands
Roberto Angulo and Sandy Glover

Solutions Stage - Taking Back Local Advertising with Targeted Local Niche Guides
Phil Pracht


Breakout sessions:

Programmatic Best Practices
Tobias Bennett
Nick Ames
Raymond Faust

NexGen Business Models: Finding Success
Jim Brady
Evan Smith

Agency Best Practices
Conan Gallaty
Rob Bunch
Arlea Hoffman

Solutions Stage - Why Website Design and Flexibility Matter
Bill Ostendorf

Solutions Stage - Reinventing Content Creation to Reach New Audiences
Michael Taylor

Solutions Stage - Customer Segmentation to Improve Digital Performance and Revenue
Matt Lindsay

Facebook Meets the Press
Alex Hardiman

Mega-Innovation Award Recipient
Honolulu Star-Advertiser, presented by David Kennedy

Mega-Innovation Award Finalists
Block Communications, presented by Lisa Hurm
Shaw Media, presented by Tom Shaw
WEHCO Media, presented by Conan Gallaty

Wednesday, Feb. 28

Breakout sessions:

Be Relevant in Real Estate
Amy Sutton
Lucy Talley

Customer Centric Training, Tools and Operational Structure Key to Driving Revenue Growth
Meagan Tanner and Renee Warner

Investing in Print Products
Leonard Woolsey

How Nextdoor is Connecting Newspapers with Specific Neighborhoods
Steve Wymer
Matthew Hall

Tech & Truth: Engineering the Future of News
Seth Rogin
JJ Bannasch
Nicole Scaglione
Chris Willis

Get to Aha! Reposition Your Brand for Success
Andy Cunningham


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