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We want to highlight your most innovative success at the 2019 Mega-Conference


You should be proud of the innovative things your newspaper or corporate group is doing.  And we want to recognize the best of the best at the 2019 Key Executives Mega-Conference, Feb. 25-27 in Las Vegas.

Tell us about your advances over the past year and you just might go home from Vegas with this year's Mega-Conference Innovation Award.

Past winners have included:

Please submit a nomination for this year's Mega-Innovation Award.  The deadline for entries is Jan. 15. There is no cost to enter.

Submit your entry:

This award is designed to recognize innovative achievements made by newspapers of all sizes.

Have you:

  • Introduced a new product, service or go-to-market approach that is substantially changing your current or future business model?
  • Grown your digital revenue to be a critical portion of your revenue mix?
  • Tapped into new audiences with a new approach to publishing?
  • Diversified your revenue to be less dependent on traditional newspaper advertising?
  • Created a culture of innovation for your employees?

If the answer is "YES" to any or all of these questions, you need to submit a nomination for this year's Mega-Conference Innovation Award!

This award will be presented at the 2019 Key Executives Mega-Conference to a newspaper or multi-property media company – not to an individual person.  Ensure that your company is recognized for the innovative steps it is taking by submitting a nomination for this prestigious award!

The 2019 Mega-Conference, sponsored by Inland Press Association, Local Media Association, Southern Newspaper Publishers Association and News Media Alliance, will showcase the finalists at the conference.  The award winner will be announced following all four presentations.

The deadline for entries is Jan. 15, 2019 (11 p.m. Central).

To assist you in preparing your entry, here are the questions the entry form asks.  Answer those that pertain to your company. (Essay responses: 300 words or less, suggested)

  • New Revenue Channels: What new product(s) or approaches have you introduced in the past three years that is/are making a significant difference to your business model today or is expected to significantly alter your business model in the near future?
  • Digital Revenue: My digital revenue was ___ percent of my total revenue over the past 12 months.  Digital revenue at my company grew ___ percent over the previous year. 
  • Non-Core Revenue: Have you diversified your revenue in other ways beyond print and digital, such as events or agency services (PR work, logo development, competitive media placement, etc.?)  If yes, what percentage of your total advertising revenue comes from these streams? What do you expect it to be in three years? Please provide any additional details or comments that you would like judges to consider.
  • Audience Development: Please describe any innovative audience approaches your company has taken that has allowed your company to reach more readers, new audience segments (eg: millennials, sports fanatics, etc.) or improve subscriber engagement.  How has this impacted subscriptions, open rates, social shares or total audience?
  • Sales & Marketing Approach: Check which of the following most applies to you: (1) We have trained all sales executives how to sell digital products. (2) We have a separate staff to sell digital and/or new initiatives. (3) We have specialized people who sell the complicated stuff and help the rest of the staff sell our new and/or digital product mix.  Then, please describe any innovative sales and marketing approaches you have taken that have helped your company improve the trajectory of your revenue.
  • Organizational & Company Culture Transformation: Please describe how your company has changed its organizational structure, work environment and/or rewards to encourage innovation.

Submit your entry:

Questions?  Contact Cindy Durham at SNPA: (404) 256-0444 or