Strengthening hyperlocal journalism with new technology and platforms


Mega-Conference Solutions Stage:
Tuesday afternoon, Feb. 18

Local newspapers can revitalize their operations and community impact with a modernized approach to their mission that reconnects with newspapers’ historic role as community hubs. The core idea is simple: Local news operations need digital models that survive small-scale environments.

During a Tuesday afternoon presentation on the Solutions Stage at the Mega-Conference, case studies will be presented from innovative newspapers using Innocode’s technology in communities with as few citizens as 10,000, as well as early results from a highly innovative project scalable to a large number of communities.

"The hyperlocal opportunity  — hyperlocal done profitably and at scale, is your best defense against the giants," says Morten Holst, strategy director of Innocode.  "Local media scales differently than national or global media operations. The keys are strategies and monetization techniques that work all the way down to the local neighborhood, without overstretching the newsroom and setting off cries for a new CMS."


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