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Strengthening Your Preprint Strategy

Wendy Wade and Mike Petrak

Mike Petrak, executive vice president of Tactician Media Consulting, and Wendy Wade, president of Prism XL, want to help Mega-Conference attendees strengthen their preprint strategies. 

Following their breakout session on Tuesday afternoon, Feb. 23, you'll be prepared to address your customers' expectations with a better sense of their needs, negotiating approach and the relative value of your own distribution system. This workshop will offer new tools and approaches that can make a significant difference in how you go to market. 

Wade said: "We will be discussing the importance of combining data and expertise during this workshop to increase leverage.  We will provide insights into the agency and retailer relationship and provide guidance to help you navigate in this arena successfully. We will explore internal and external data sources to aid you in creating strategies to help you increase insert revenues."

The Mega-Conference begins in less than two weeks.

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For years newsrooms made decisions on what to cover with little understanding of what readers really wanted. Now that has changed with analytics tools like Parse.ly and Facebook Insights. Being able to use data to direct coverage and decision making helps us connect with readers in a way we never …

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Come tour GateHouse Media's Center for News & Design in Austin, Texas, during the Mega-Conference. The Center is the company's hub for centralized page design, copy editing, web development and digital publishing. The Center currently services more than 200 newspapers and employs 250 people, making …

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All innovation starts with great ideas. Julie Austin, CEO of the consulting firm Creative Innovation Group, says: "You may be number one now, but if you're not innovating, your competition is, and they will knock you out of the lead. To stay ahead you need to constantly reinvent and have new ideas …

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Circulation and audience management is a very dynamic discipline, says Joseph Leong, vice president/chief revenue officer for the Albuquerque Journal. "The pace at which our responsibilities and goals change can be overwhelming. A tremendous opportunity for us is leveraging data-driven decisions to …

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An exciting change to this year's Key Executives Mega-Conference program is a showcase of tech-oriented solutions to several of the most popular revenue challenges, to be held on the Revenue Stage in the Exhibit Hall.

Moderated by Jed Williams of Vendasta, there are four programs, each with …

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Calkins Digital, Forsyth County News (Cumming, Ga.), Oklahoma Media Company, and Proven Performance Media LLC (Belo) have been selected as finalists for the inaugural Mega-Innovation Award. Their work and others will be showcased and the winner will be announced on the final day of the …

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Michael Maness, a leading thinker on innovation, media and the transformational impact of the Internet, is judging the entries submitted for the first Mega-Innovation Award to be presented in February at the Key Executives Mega-Conference.

Honors will be presented Wednesday, Feb. 24.

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Companies that do business with newspapers need to act quickly to ensure a spot in this year's Key Executives Mega-Conference Trade Show. More and more space is being spoken for every day! Please let us know if we can assist you with your exhibit and sponsorship plans.

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View a list of Mega-Conference sponsors and exhibitors as of today.

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