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Posted 2/9/17

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AdPortal Digital now supports Facebook ads

iPublish Media Solutions has announced that Facebook Ads are now supported in AdPortal Digital, allowing advertisers to extend their reach beyond O&O and programmatic display campaigns using the same intuitive interface they know and love. 

Click here to schedule a demo. 

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Amazon has chosen NEWSCYCLE Mobile to participate in new Alexa agencies and developer tools page

NEWSCYCLE Solutions announces that NEWSCYCLE Mobile will be featured in the new Amazon Alexa agencies and developer tools page. The Amazon web page highlights agencies, developers and tool builders that work directly with clients to deliver content on Amazon Alexa devices. The page also serves as a reference guide for companies looking for assistance in building Alexa skills. 

The Amazon Alexa voice-activated service is spreading into numerous devices, with particular growth coming from the news media industry. Alexa devices provide new content distribution opportunities through products like the Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, Amazon Tap, Amazon Fire TV and Fire Tablets. 

"We are happy to be chosen as a preferred resource to build Alexa skills and be included on Amazon's new Alexa agencies and developer tools page," said Wade Beavers, NEWSCYCLE's president of Mobile. "To meet customer and industry demands, we have expanded our product portfolio to include Over-The-Top technology, delivering an OTT experience that is measurably different from other providers. We provide alternative designs focusing on playlist-type viewing, instant live view or content browsing, which is how publishers want to engage their users and especially appeal to younger generations. A great design and user experience helps build and retain digital audiences."  

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PF Media Technologies rebrands as News Hub Media

On Feb. 1, PF Media Technologies announced a full company rebrand as News Hub Media (NHM). The new NHM brand reflects an expanded software  portfolio that addresses media client needs throughout the whole creative and production process.

NHM offers a full range of software products: SUITE (multi-channel editorial workflow), ARK (digital asset management), WEBIMPOSER (page pairing workflow + more), AUTOMATOR (page and ad preflighting and prefixing), CLARO (automated image enhancement) and ACCESS (mobile friendly PDF transformation).

"The company has grown outside our original market," said Richard Laframboise, president, NHM. "The rebranding strategy identifies an expanded portfolio that is offered to the media industry (local to global). From creation to production and delivery, our products are designed to interconnect all stages of the cycle. Therefore, the name News Hub Media speaks to what we do and who it is for."

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ProImage Press Register Software demonstrates to be great match for Goss Community Press at Sun Community

Sun Community News and Printing, published by Denton Publications, Inc. recently installed ProImage NewsWay Press Register Software for its 1960s Goss Community Press. 

Sun Community operates an 18,000-square-foot production facility in Elizabethtown, N.Y., and serves the region with seven targeted distribution newspapers throughout the northeastern New York State along with a quarterly lifestyle magazine. Its Goss Community Press was bought in the early 1960s as a four-unit press with a community folder. In 1980, an SC folder and one C unit were added. Additional SC units have been added since and the press now operates with four stacked units and nine mono units with an SC and SSC folders.

Good press registration a challenge
Since these type of presses were not originally designed to run process color, the pressmen at Sun Printing were challenged with their skills and expertise to produce good registration. However, spoilage and time have been costly while trying to keep up with color requirements – looking at a spoilage/waste as high as 23 percent. Additionally, certain print and advertising customers have refused to use color for their print products or ads due to inconsistent color reproduction. 

In the past, Sun Community has added running circ as well as two high stacks but ceiling height has restricted them from going four high. With the arrival of CTP, manual corrections such as stripping negatives that allow to adjust for better registration were not possible anymore and the rural mom & pop customer base had difficulties adjusting to computer controlled enhancements. 

Registration now exponentially better
This changed with the installation of ProImage NewsWay Press Register Software. NewsWay Press Register enables printers to correct mis-registration on the printing press without the need to physically touch or modified the press. Press Register registration correction process is a two-step operation: first, the registration errors are measured using a digital microscope then the digital file is modified before exposing to the film or plate.

Now, Sun Community is already seeing financial savings in the form of reduced waste due to fewer startups and recovery from roll changes. "We also see reduction in time spent on initial rollup," states Bill Coats, operations manager of Sun Community. Further, Bill Coats states that they not only reduced the imperfections of individual units but have also been able to use adjustments to avoid costly re-pinning of several cylinders. "Our registration is exponentially better than it was previously," comments Coats.

Sun Community is using InDesign as its position solution and uses custom-built templates. Files are then sent to a Harlequin RIP; from there they go either to the Press Register System or to a Screen Flatrunner Server, and finally to a Screen Platerite News 2000S. No other press control system is in use.

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