The Local On-Demand Economy:
The impacts and opportunities for local media


The Local On-Demand Economy (LODE) is dominating tech headlines, notes Mike Boland, chief analyst and vice president of content for BIA/Kelsey.  At the Key Executives Mega-Conference in Austin, he will examine how this will impact local media and discuss the opportunities that exist for our industry.

While LODE could displace local marketing to some degree, Boland says BIA/Kelsey sees it as more opportunity than threat – especially "by embracing it and uncovering its potential sources of new business growth."

He is the author of BIA/Kelsey's definitive white paper on Local On-Demand Economy.  Here are a few excerpts from that report:

  • "Given the possibility discussed in this report that LODE services could displace marketing in some situations, an early lead for local media companies could offset any potential losses to core products caused by new LODE entrants."
  • "If LODE is indeed a threat, media companies who embrace it can own their destiny, versus those who ignore it and are forced to realize too late that it is causing attrition to core revenue streams, such as SMB-oriented ad products."
  • "In incorporating LODE into service bundles, local media companies have an advantage over LODE pure plays. This is due to existing sales channels, economies of scale, and compatibility with existing advertising and marketing offerings."

Since joining BIA/Kelsey in 2005, Boland has been instrumental in covering interactive and mobile media. His expertise and curiosity about new mobile, social and video technologies have made him a valuable resource. He now directs internal programs such as the evolution of BIA/Kelsey's Custom Advisory Services, and the newly formed "BIA/Kelsey Labs" incubator for new initiatives.

Boland has authored in-depth reports on the changing local media landscape including online video, social networking and mobile. He contributes regularly to highly-read online news sources such as Huffington Post and Business Insider. A trusted source for reporters covering the interactive media space, his comments have appeared in major news and trade media, including The Wall Street Journal, Fortune and Forbes.

Before joining BIA/Kelsey, Boland was editor of Innovation World's TechAlert, a monthly journal of emerging technology companies. Previously he was a San Francisco-based freelance writer for business and technology magazines, such as Red Herring, Business 2.0, Mobile and Digitalife. He began his career in business analysis and journalism as a staff reporter for Forbes magazine, covering the tech sector.

Boland will be first presenter during the Tuesday morning General Session at the Mega-Conference. Don't miss this important session in which Boland explains how the LODE is refining what is local and how local media must adapt.

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