Publishers will find solutions to industry concerns on Mega's Solutions Stage


A dozen presentations to be made on the Solutions Stage during the 2019 Key Executives Mega-Conference have been announced. Topics are wide-ranging, touching on numerous hot topics facing newspaper publishers today.

Some great discounts exist for newspapers and newspaper corporate offices that send multiple attendees. You'll want multiple attendees at the Mega-Conference to take advantage of the many topics that will be presented in the various breakout sessions.

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Topics scheduled for the Solutions Stage include:

YouTube Solutions

Presented by Kevin Craig, senior vice president/director, newspaper relations, AMG/Parade

After working with Made In Network for a couple of years, building episodic content and driving subscriptions on its YouTube channels, AMG/Parade invested in the company.  Its partnership now allows AMG/Parade to help other brands (and local media companies) with their video/YouTube strategy.  Hear how the Parade channel has grown to over 50K subscribers – in just one year – and where the possibilities are for your local brand!

Craig says: "YouTube is the future of how people consume media. Learn how AMG/Parade has teamed up with YouTube gurus Made In Network to successfully develop brands, grow audience and generate revenue."

Television: Bringing Newspapers and Magazines Together

Presented by Michael Keever, senior vice president and chief marketing officer, NTVB Media

At a time when many people are prematurely writing the obituaries for newspapers and television guides, research shows that guidance on what to watch on television has never been more necessary than it is today. Hear how newspapers of all sizes and frequency can capitalize on the most exciting time in the history of television.

"Your newspaper readers watch an average of five hours of television a night and have more than 1,000 choices in primetime alone," Keever says. "The need for guidance on what to watch has never been more important. Learn about a three-prong strategy on how you can better serve your readers in print, digitally and with robust TV magazines from a company that has provided solutions for more than 300 newspaper partners over the past 35 years."

Rev Up Specialty Sections with Sponsored Content

Presented by Matthew Miller, editorial director, Content That Works

Innovative sponsored content projects generate revenue and new customer relationships for local media companies. Case studies will focus on recent projects that targeted specific advertisers to buy into special sections with clearly labeled sponsored content articles. This solution could be easily replicated by your newspaper around a variety of themes, from luxury lifestyle to charitable giving.

"Pairing editorial content with high quality sponsored articles offers advertisers an excellent marketing opportunity that will set your media company apart," Miller says. "We'll cover several innovative projects we partnered with local newspapers for in 2018 and 2019, ranging from real estate to nonprofit topics."

Augmented Reality Newspapers

Presented by Jack Mitchell, publisher and co-founder, Interactive News

Augmented reality can be a game-changer in your market, with advertising and newspaper content as the driving force. Hear how it all began at the twice-weekly Ledger Dispatch – becoming Interactive News that now is available to newspapers of all sizes. There's even a monthly newsletter that's helping newspapers on the platform contact each other, share ideas and build a stronger industry.

Mitchell said, "In a predicted $20-billion market by 2020, newspapers do not want to miss the opportunity to provide deeper content and earn additional revenues through augmented reality (AR). Engage your readers. Allow them to interact with your products through video, audio, language translators, web, phone and email. It starts with newspapers."

Publishing Platforms Deliver Unique Audiences and Revenue Opportunities

Presented by Cheryl Greenblatt, senior vice president, sales director, Nielsen

Newspaper readers are migrating to digital platforms, but print readership is still strong.  In this session, gain an overview of several audience segments, see their reach across the generational spectrum and explore the revenue opportunities each brings for specific advertising categories.

Greenblatt said, "The age of digital transformation is upon us! In this session we will learn how digital readers are changing the face of newspaper audiences, explore strategies for growing their readership and gain insights into how they will drive revenue in key advertising categories."

Leverage the Power of Audience to Grow Revenues: Rocket2 Revenue

Presented by James Conaghan, senior vice president, research and analytics, Coda Ventures, and Everton Weeks, president, The Weeks Group

Coda Ventures and The Weeks Group have partnered to launch Rocket2 Revenue, the industry's first research-driven program offering newspapers a revenue guarantee.  Hear how The Weeks Group uses this research and how this solution can enable your newspaper to tell your complete audience narrative and deliver guaranteed revenue results.

Conaghan said, "Coda offers comprehensive audience research, embracing all newspaper platforms. The Weeks Group uses research in a one-week ad sales event. A Rocket2 Revenue event, fueled by research, can drive over $250,000 in new revenues."

How Tribune Media is Regaining Market Share and Outsmarting the Competition

Presented by Roberto Angulo, CEO, Recruitology, and Adam Del-Radio, director of sales, Tribune Publishing Recruitment Services

A partnership last summer between Recruitology and Tribune Media delivered a best-in-class recruitment solution suite to employers across Tribune's footprint.  Hear about the innovative sales rollout process and how it allowed Tribune's sales team to be effective at solution selling and to tailor recruitment services to employers' individual needs.

Angulo said, "You will hear a first-hand account of how Tribune has undertaken the journey to re-take its local recruitment markets to grow revenue and market share. This session will also cover specifics on products used, how they work, and how value is provided to employers in local markets.

"Online recruitment advertising can serve as a significant revenue stream for media companies in certain markets. Come ready with questions to ask during the session."

Winning Back Auto Revenue the Easy Way Using Promotions & Events

Presented by Kevin Collins, vice president, sales, WeHaa; Michael Martoccia, national director, digital marketing and sales, WeHaa Digital Marketing; and Cesar Montes, president, WeHaa

Newspapers are getting back on the demand side with their local auto dealers thanks to innovative solutions from WeHaa.  As revenue dollars from auto dealers continue to shrink, WeHaa has come up with a couple of solutions that make it easy for newspapers to win back lost auto revenue.

Collins said, "Putting the power back in the hands of the newspaper is what it's all about. We wanted to give newspapers a robust handsfree solution that helps them get back on the demand side with local auto dealers. We will present a couple of new turnkey revenue solutions and show just how easy they are to implement."

Meeting Modern Consumers' Demands for Quality and Convenience

Presented by Chris Deianni, Broadly

Publishers and agencies must continue to expand the solutions they offer to the SMB market – otherwise, competing providers will overtake their share of marketing spend.  Gain an overview of the Broadly Platform and hear a case study about an SMB client that grew revenue by 30 percent in one year using this mobile-first approach.

Email Marketing: Are You Leaving Money on the Table?

Presented by Peter Conti, business development manager, Site Impact, and Greg Heiman, business development manager, Site Impact

Email marketing accounts for $22B in digital advertising and is the #2 most important form of digital advertising behind social as ranked by SMBs, according to Borrell Associates. We'll take a look at how Site Impact worked with an outlet that needed to increase its NEW customer email reach to find more email recipients that matched the ideal audience by using Site Impact's database of more than 140+ million opt-in email records and more than 750 filters and selects.

Conti said this session will help attendees increase revenue for their advertisers.  He said, ""One newspaper chain used our custom branded application with a 145M opt-in email list that they were able to narrow down by 750 targets and filters such as geo, demographics, hobbies, levels of interest and more to target their advertisers' customers with laser-like precision."

Cleaning Up Your Ad Data Act: How to Reduce Data Inefficiencies and Drive Revenue

Presented by Mark Gorman, CEO, Matrix Solutions

Data is king – and media companies are a treasure trove of data, especially when it comes to the ad tech workflow. In this session and drawing from case studies of media companies that have incorporated Monarch into their internal tech stack as a centralized platform, learn how the platform assists in understanding data across all siloes to drive better content monetization.

"Many media companies with data existing across several tech stacks don't realize how much more profitable their content can be if they only centralized these different troves of customer data into one." says Gorman. "This session will educate media executives on why complete data sets empower maximum content monetization and expedite the ad sales workflow to bring in more ad dollars ... and how to do it!"

How to Use SEO to Enhance Your Core Service Offering

Presented by Paul Boucher, partner development manager, Boostability

Gain an understanding of SEO, how it fits in the marketplace, its market demand and revenue potential. Discover what other agencies have done to successfully offer and sell SEO to their customers. Case studies will be shared.

"Boostability makes it easy to add value to your core products and grow revenue with SEO," Boucher said. "This in-demand, high-margin service is the perfect complement to website design, PPC, print advertising, radio spots and more. We'll show you how other agencies did it so you can duplicate their success."

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