The premiere news media event of 2023

America’s Newspapers releases 2023 Local Newspaper Study

America’s Newspapers has released results from the 2023 Local Newspaper Study, the first national research project dedicated to how readers consume local news and advertising in nearly a decade.  


Key insights from the News Industry Mega-Conference

America's Newspapers, a North American newspaper industry body, convened a number of publishers from across America in Dallas, Texas, for two days of riveting discussion around the state of the news industry in the region. The topics discussed were vast and plentiful, all centered around the theme of digital transformation.

Below is a recap from our team members who attended the conference on the key themes discussed throughout the event.

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To build a culture of recruitment, teach your staff to become talent ambassadors for your organization

Cindy Durham | America's Newspapers
The keys to modernizing your newspaper's recruiting efforts include three important steps, recruitment expert Julian Placino told attendees at the Mega-Conference.


Rob Curley says the 'secret sauce' to connecting with readers is viewing the newspaper as theirs

Rob Curley, editor of The Spokesman-Review, says newspapers need to redefine their relationship with the community. A reader-focused strategy will drive engagement. (Photo by Scott Cornelius:
Cindy Durham | America's Newspapers
What are readers in your community passionate about?

To connect with your audience and grow subscribers and engagement, it's important to know what the core things are that readers in your community care about and for your staff to think about the paper as the community's newspaper — not "yours," Rob Curley, editor of The Spokesman-Review in Spokane, Washington, told attendees at the Mega-Conference.

While advertising used to make up 80 percent of The Spokesman-Review's revenue, subscriptions now make up 70 percent of its revenue.  The "secret sauce," he said, must be based around this simple math.

Their reader-focused community newspaper strategy — The Five Ps — focuses on the importance of listening to their readers and partnering with them in new ways.

View PowerPoints

PowerPoints from the following sessions at the 2023 Mega-Conference may be downloaded from this page. These materials are intended for use by conference participants. They may not be reproduced or further distributed without the permission of the speakers and America's Newspapers.


Going 'phygital': Community Impact publisher describes his company's transformation
Cindy Durham | America's Newspapers

Community Impact, which launched 18 years ago with three full-time employees covering Round Rock and Pflugerville, Texas, has a very simple business model, Founder and CEO John Garrett told attendees last week at the Mega-Conference. "We believe that everything about our business model starts with high-quality journalism and high-quality design.  That's been our premise from the very beginning."


Lifestyle magazines with personality draw readers, advertisers and revenue
Cindy Durham | America's Newspapers

During an Idea Exchange roundtable about best print ideas and magazine publishing at the Mega-Conference, the publisher of The Daily News in Galveston, Texas, shared tips and advice for producing a lifestyle magazine — and talked about why these magazines are so important to local markets.