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Entries invited for 2023 Mega-Innovation Award: Join us in Dallas for real innovation!

Tell us why your newspaper or newspaper group should be recognized as innovative!

All entries must be submitted by 11 p.m. (CST) on Friday, Feb. 24. The entry period for this year's contest is calendar year 2022.

Entries and all supporting documents, graphics, etc., should be emailed to cdurham@newspapers.org.

America's Newspapers and the News/Media Alliance want to spotlight the best examples of innovation among newspapers at this year's Mega-Conference.  All newspaper members of America's Newspapers and the News/Media Alliance are encouraged to submit their best examples of innovation for consideration in this year's competition for the Mega-Innovation Award.

Entries may be submitted by print or digital newspapers or by their corporate office — but membership in America's Newspapers or the News/Media Alliance (as a newspaper or corporate newspaper group) is required.

There is no cost to enter.

Innovative newspapers take a wide variety of approaches to reaching readers and audience segments, improving subscriber engagement and producing their print or digital products.

Your approach may center around print products, digital products, events, a new revenue stream, agency services, new ways to address previously underserved audiences, etc.  Perhaps company culture or your organizational structure is central to your newest innovative approaches.

We want to make entering as easy as possible.  In whatever format works best for you:

  • Tell us about your latest innovations.
  • There are no specific questions to answer. We simply want to know how your newspaper defines innovation, what you’ve done to advance in your market, and what results you have seen.  Depending on your newspaper's strategy plan, this might mean revenue growth, improved employee morale, growth in your digital subscription numbers, growth in social media audience, etc. Share your success with the industry!
  • Please share any metrics that you have to demonstrate the success you have achieved.  Contest judges love to see metrics — whatever will best demonstrate the success you have experienced.

Two finalists will be selected to present their innovations at the Mega-Conference. The conference registration fee will be waived for one representative from each finalist company who makes the presentation.

In addition, the GRAND PRIZE winner will receive $500, a beautiful plaque and recognition by industry peers!

Submitting an entry:

The deadline for entries  11 p.m. (CST) on Friday, Feb. 24.

Please email your entry and all supporting documents, graphics, etc., to cdurham@newspapers.org.

Add your newspaper to the top of this list in 2023!

2022 recipient




Previous Innovation Award Recipients
2022 Recipient

Vince Johnson (center), group publisher of The Sumter Item and Gulf Coast Media and one of the judges for the Mega-Innovation Award, presents the 2022 award to (l-r) Kevin Hall, chief revenue officer; Judi Terzotis, president and publisher; Alisha Owens, vice president, sales; and Robert Young, vice president, digital solutions. (Photo by Phelan M. Ebenhack / PME Photography, Inc.)
BET.NOLA.com is the media initiative that captured the 2022 Mega-Innovation Award
Award recipients are NOLA.com, The Times-Picayune, The Advocate and The Acadiana Advocate
Cindy Durham | America's Newspapers

NOLA.com, The Times-Picayune, The Advocate and The Acadiana Advocate were honored with the 2022 Mega-Innovation Award at the Mega-Conference for their sports betting vertical: BET.NOLA.com.

2020 Recipient

The winner of the 2020 Mega-Innovation Award was the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette for its iPad strategy. Pictured with the award is Eliza Gaines, VP of audience development at WEHCO Media Inc. (left), and publisher Walter E. Hussman Jr. (Photo by Nu Yang/Editor & Publisher magazine)
Arkansas Democrat-Gazette is awarded the Mega-Innovation Award
Cindy Durham | America's Newspapers

"When people comment on how innovative our digital replica iPad program is, I think about the tale my father once told me about the rabbit who climbed the tree," said Walter E. Hussman Jr., publisher. "When someone said rabbits don’t climb trees, the response was: this one had to do it to survive.”

2019 Recipient

Pictured left to right: John Temple (one of the Mega-Innovation Award judges), and Jason Taylor, Rebecca Capparelli and Lyndsi Lane of GateHouse Live.
GateHouse Live puts on the show
Jane Nicholes | SNPA Correspondent

Putting on events has much in common with publishing, according to Jason Taylor, president of GateHouse Live and New Media Group Ventures. Publishers, he said, create content that attracts an audience, and they try to monetize that audience. "An event does the exact same thing."

2018 Recipient

Broadcasting from a newspaper rack
Jane Nicholes | SNPA Correspondent

By putting a computer screen on top of a newspaper rack, Oahu Publications opened up a new profit center. Called the Digital Billboard Network, the screen runs a seven-minute loop of news and advertising in high-traffic areas where people are likely to pass by or stand in line.

2017 Recipient

Local newspaper also provides local TV
Jane Nicholes | SNPA Correspondent

When Calkins Media was named a finalist for the 2016 Mega-Innovation award, its video stream produced by the Bucks County Courier Times was a repeating four-hour content block. Now, it is essentially a local TV station.

2016 Recipient
Innovation for all sizes
Jane Nicholes | SNPA Correspondent

When Vince Johnson was first named publisher of the Forsyth County News, the paper had a rule about social media. Only one article was posted to Facebook each day, at 6 a.m. In his entry form for the Mega-Innovation competition, Johnson noted that rule officially died on Jan. 20, 2014. Since then, the paper has increased its social media following by more than 1,000 percent. That's just one example of how the Forsyth County News, described by Johnson as "wildly traditional" not so long ago, has changed.